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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  September 12, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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((russell arson overnight.. at a florida mosque.. the connection this mosque has to the pulse nightclub arson overnight in florida mosque. connection this mosque has to to the pulse knighted club shooeder. a c who eyes off road for just a moment and now two-year-old and a 3-year-old are fighting for their lives. shall we start without an open. it's 8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. we thank you for waking up with us on this monday, september 12th. dave osterberg, hello. >> way ahead of our game. . just chilling out over here on the side. it's 79 degrees. so we are warming a little bit
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numbers running a little bit higher than they were yesterday. thing is, we're beginning to get more moisture to stream in from the east. more moisture equals higher rain chances. while we had a little break from rain last week, it's coming back. and today we'll start the process of with a 50 to 60 percent rain chance. and high temperatures back to the lower 90s. courtney. all right dave, we still have a problems this morning in the palm harbor area southbound u.s. 19. a little bit of good looks like authorities are clearing a scene of an an earl yes act south southbound 19 delays there behind it out at least one lane was blocked. it does look like that's clearing. big back up 32s u carrollwood along southeast direction of gunn highway. near casey road. tow truck on scene of this accident. skyfox is up. it looks like lanes are currently blocked. as they work to clear the scene here southeast bound along gunn highway at casey road.
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thank you. and developing this more than a fire moves through at islamic center of fort pierce. mosque where pulse night club shooter once attended. and an investigators are saying this was no accident. officials with at st. lucie county sheriff's office says fire started just after midnight. video collected from at center show as person walking up to the building, and a moments later a flash is scene and then the fire starts. that video will not be released
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mp)) florida is welcome back. think we have all of our problems worked florida is one of two states setting a record pace for hot car deaths. >> since 199872 children have died after being left in hot cars in florida. texas takes the number one spot with 100 in the same time period. okays the country, an average of 37 children die every year of heat stroke because of this reason. >> already in 2016 there have been 29 children killed. and we are still in the hot months. most recent case was here on
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>> deputies say that hillsborough county firefighter left his son in back seat all day after forgetting to drop him off at day care. and investigators say there is no evidence that also no evidence of impairsment from drugs or alcohol. he faces an aggravated manslaughter charge in his son's death he was released on bail early saturday. state attorney's office will decide whether to prosecute after doing its own investigation. and this proves it can happen to we talk with our doc on call about this very important issue and ways you can prevent it from happening. now this, don't take your eyes off the road for even one second. it could change your life forever. >> a 23-year-old woman learned that lesson the hard way after causing a crash and now lives are hanging in the balance. including that of two toddlers. fox 13's ken suarez is live along the courtney campbell causeway where this accident happened. ken, good morning to you.
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haent to tell you 23-year-old was obviously on causeway last night. she told investigators that she dropped her guard for just a millisecond. she had that crash, and all chaos broke out. it ends up that 8 people went to the hospital including two little girls. a two-year-old sustained life threatening injuries. a three-year-old kiaraing to latest information we have this morning is inin critical condition. around 17 last night the 23-year-old was driveing on the causeway high rate according to investigators. she told them that she took her eyes off the road for just a few seconds and she ended up rear ending a honda odyssey that was stopped at the traffic light a damascus road. the odyssey rammed car in front of of itthat car slammed into the next one. the driver of the van or the driver of suv that trigger it had all did not seem to be that injured.
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in chain reaction did not to be injured that much either. >> and so what do we have here? woman being held responsible for this did not get hurt badly. people at the other end since since they had at least act of impact that dew not get hurt hurt that bad either. you have that odyssey in the middle officials have not said two little girls were in car you can put two and two together we saw baby seat next to that car. we know people comin that car were most seriously injured. so those are probably ones that were in that odyssey. those ones that really concerned about this morning. only two years old, only three years old. they have very serious injuries. why? because this young woman ainterpall did something that we're all guilty of once in while we take our eyes off the road. and in this particular case it was really kind of terrible the way whole thing ended up we just hope for best and waiting on more information from clearwater
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their new status. hopefully they are getting better. back to you. all right. ken, thank you. it's almost 8:09. a tampa family is grappling with two losses this morning and reason is pretty senseless. police say one man wanted to test how effective a bullet proof vest really was and it cost him his life and his cousin's freedom. police 24-year-old joaquin mendez put vest on late saturday night and his cousin agreed to help him test it. te shot mendez in the chest. mendez did not 75. when police showed he initially told officers he found his office ininjured. police say it a witness actually griebd the man shoot him. he's now behind bars. sxe he is facing manslaughter charges. a chemical f.d.a. just banned from our antibacterial
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find it, fox 13's walter allen is here where this is. a little shock when fda announce anti baktal soaps. as you say just mentioned, it one of those. and if you use colgate total look at your tooth you will find it benefit in toothpaste out weighs risk. colgate total is only 2 toothpaste in a u.s. that has it company says effective in reducing plaque and gins viets. long-term study shows people who use a fluoride combination for two to three years had a 5 percent drop in cavities. there is some debate over whether the chemical is bad for you. some research says it causes no long-term problems. but some scientists say there isn't enough research on it to make such a bold determination adding there's a chance it could cause hormonal problems. laura.
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september is childhood cancer awareness month. you probably seen the push of a go gold to raise awareness and funding. and we wanted to get the numbers when it comes to just how much goes into funding for pediatric cancer research. consumer reporter sorboni banerjee joins us this morning. she is got statistics for us today. some tips about donating to charities. and this is a sad point of fact, right? >> yeah. it really is more than 10,000 kids under age 15 in state be diagnosed with cancer this year. according to second leading cause of death in children after accidents. >> some advocates say not enough money is being allocated toward research for pediatric cancers. national cancer institute's budget for this past year was 4.9 billion. of that childhood cancer got 198 million. that's 4 percent. according to coalition against childhood cancer prostate cancer receives more research funding from nci than all childhood cancers combined.
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childhood cancers have been rising slightly over past few decades they still only make up less than 1 percent of all of the cancers diagnosed each year. some say it's proportionate. whatever side you fall on the average cost of a stay in the hospital for a child with cancer though, $40,000. that's 5 times more than for other pediatric conditions. some other stats to think about this morning the impact childhood cancer on parents employment. more than 38 percent of couples have to have one parent stop working to child or their child's treatment. more than 20 percent have to cut back on their job. those numbers are from the american childhood cancer organization. guys, easy to see the need for fund raising efforts. >> and, remember though, you always have to check before you give to charities. always ask for detailed information. get the exact name and check them with watch dog websites like guide star or the better business bureau's wise giving list. you could also use charity navigator or charity watch as well. and be sure to ask just how much
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charity you obviously want majority of it to get to the people who need it and remember, keep a record of everything you give. >> good advice sorboni. than you. so surprising to me too. considering you know, johns hopkins all childrens hospital, st. jude all the money that they raise, to hear that it's one most under funded for research. you're right. you're right. all right. shall we get to dave right now weather? >> yeah. i was amazed when i came in this morning. one of the first things i do i look and see what was yesterday's high temperature? it was 95 degrees out at the airport yesterday. 95. tying a record. well, i can tell you that's not going to happen this week. why? because the rain chances are going to come sweeping back in after a week, really a week off from the afternoon thunderstorms.
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july week. as you can all tell, see all beginning this moisture and some of the showers beginning early on east coast. streaming back toward the west coast. we're in the upper 70s, lower 80s out toward the beaches which by the way the water temperature's 87 degrees right now. which, you know, for mid september that's getting up there. dew points are in the mid 70s. we've had tons of surface moisture. limiting factor. it's been the mid level moisture. that is also streaming back in. you combine all of that moisture with an east wind, bumping into a bit of a sea breeze late in the day, plus, some extra tropical moisture from down here in the caribbean, and that moves our way. yeah, i put it altogether and guess what, the rain chances not only are coming back, but they are going up as well. today they will basketball 50 to
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70 percent. a look at the tropics an a little weak tropical disturbance in bahamas. not noving much drift's westward tomorrow's rain chances around a little bit higher than today. >> this is just about at tropical depression status hurricane center is giving this a 90 percent chance for development. thing is, even if it become as depression or storm or what not it's going out to sea. notice the movement north, northwest. that's not going to to the lower 48. elsewhere, in our basin any ways tropics are quiet. so high temperature today's going to run around 91 degrees. that will feel better than yesterday. but we've also late in the day got to di-el with showers with thunderstorms. a love 77 degrees. then for tomorrow, scattered showers and thunderstorms, you got a high of around 89 degrees for tomorrow afternoon. but again, it's that rain chances that really starting to kick in. a big difference between last
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because the rain chances are going to be there and each every after unanimous 60ers really hank with wednesday, thursday and 50 percent for friday. courtney. all right dave, we are seeing some busy traffic loan interstates of 816 this morning. let's check taking check on our speeds southbound 275 bump tore bumper ride here. beginning right oar bearss down to past hillsborough avenue. in area of fowler clocking in about eight miles per hour. now veterans expressway actually much better shape most of the span until you hit hillsborough avenue. bit heavy down towards 275. but still, 60 miles per hour in area of gunn highway. that is pretty good for veterans expressway. now casey road and gunn highway is big problem spot morning in carrollwood. traffic is backed up in the southeast direction of gunn highway. a tow truck has on scene here. but we're seeing some stacked up traffic alongs southeast gunn highway at casey road plan for
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live look here at 275, on the northbound side of the howard frankland bridge. east end of bridge, about 11 minutes for you in between fourth street and kennedy. almost 8th:17. some local elementary schools have been ranked among the nation's healthiest. and see if your childs school made list an actor. and singer and "american idol." say nothing of a heart throb. now harry conic, jr. is talk show ohios. charley belcher shows us what harry's new show is all about comi first we send jen to high school. she's a tampa bay tech to learn she's a tampa bay tech to learn the art of i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way.
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welcome back to good day tampa bay. happy monday everyone. gosh i just love getting in the charley's world all of these crazy things happen. last week i was today i'm trying to stay away from what's going on behind me very far away. this is so cool. we're at tampa bay technical high school. where amazing things happen here. they have to worry about they are not always in the classroom doing math and science. they get to get real experience. don't look into the light. robert is with me here this morning you're one instructors. master welder. thanks for being here with us. thanks for coming. i appreciate it.
8:21 am
for 16 years now. going on 16 years a tampa bay tech. you were i was a pipe fitter before i came in here local one 23 before i became a teach ear i also went to jefferson high school to learn how to weld there same a kids are doing here in high school. just went on from there and learn a trade and make some pony and put food on table and stuff like there. 16 you got to love what you do. students really love what they do. how does it feel to be able to critical part in them learning getting a job. good part when kids find a job they come out and they. appreciate it for giving me this. learn a trade and stuff to make very good money. and how they are really doing. what they are buying a house or buying a car or you know, feeding their family now and stuff like that. that is joyful.
8:22 am
keechs you going back every year. that's what made you, you know, that's what really about right there. just what kids can do when they leave from here what you're teaching from them they ar learning to bring it up into the world. what is happening here safety's important. absolutely. and absolutely. they come in before they start welding and everything. they got to learn about safety. learn about what different type of machine they would been use. what they need to be wearing, you know what type pie remember seeing cotton and stuff like that. and then the whole like stuff like that. it just gives them general idea of the area about weld before they come out here when they get in shop. they heard making sparks isn't very easy. no, it's not. they are doing really good job. welding real skill like a painting. like when you lay a bead and everything down it has got to be beautiful and just right. you know, for cutting too. like, over here cutting. you got to make sure precise cut and stuff like that.
8:23 am
making sure nice and being fused together and stuff like that. you got, rally over here get ready to strike on the for rod and everything on the plate. make sure everything's nice and neat. fused together. basically a pretty good weld. i like how it said kind of like an art they were showing off some other art work. we will show that off in 9 o'clock hour. >> okay. >> and they ask for it, so i guess i'm going to have to try it out myself. has my safety equipment. right? i guess maybe i can get ready. get dressed. so what goes on here? what goes first. you got a fitting cap. fitting cap. what it is aput this on top of your head so you don't get no burns. put your beautiful hair. absolutely. yeah. put it down a ways. right here. this is your hood. stuff like that. so we're going to put this on top. what protects the eyes and stuff in your face. i've got a big head. >> okay.
8:24 am
flip it on the other side. there we go. i got a bigger head and everything. so we got that. we're going to cinch this up and they got your welding jacket that protects your skin and stuff. and gloves. and there's your gloves right here. >> protects the hands. that's the equipment. basically that's what the equipment that they learn and stuff like that. when they come out here protects your body and stuff like that. >> the key is to have this down. absolutely. if you don't don't have that burn. i. yeah. this right here on this side. i don't even know. by time she gets done when she leaves out here she will be a master welder. that's right. forget about this whole reporting thing. i'm a welder now. there you go. >> what do you guys think. oh you're there. we're there. it's not a bad look, really. jacket seems like it might have
8:25 am
sort of iron man thing going on there. it's good. it's good. it's on. i'm going to be over there though next. so. we're ready. you're going to be fine. you'll be great at this. canoes worse than last week. could be. could be. yeah it could be you'll be fine. she'll be fine. i'll be back sporting a russell rhodes hair cut this we go. yeah. i yay yay. see you later. bye. >> i know. it's 8:25 now. parents, we have a lot to be proud of when it comes to our kids. smoking drink didding among teenager fall tone a new low. the data from 2015 shows just under 10 percent of children between ages of 12 and 17 admit to drinking who will. that's down from almost 18 percent in 2002. 20 percent of kids admit to smoking every day. that's down from 32 percent.
8:26 am
heroin use went down just slightly. and an official with the substance abuse and mental health administration says about 119 million americans, 12 and older use prescription drugs over the last year. majority of those pain pills. and about 7 percent of those admit to misusing the medications. affected by tragedy and now facing a deadline. what victims of the pulse night club shooting need to know. and then hillary clinton is how this is expected to affect her health and her campaign. dr. jo appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms, a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away. foster farms for monster appetites. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done
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((laura on cam)) today is the deadline for people affected by the it is 8:30 now. days at deadline for people affected by at pulse night club shooting. to turn in their paperwork to receive at one orlando fund. foxx's gee no is in orlando right now with how to do that. >> now 150 claims were submitted since the forms were first made available last month. now if you were one of those affected by the tragedy and your last day to submit a claim. however, if you still want top donate you can do that money is being collected for about another week and a half until september 23rdrd. all this of this of course going direct toll victims. and families of the bulls shooting claim forms are available at the 1 orlando website for anyone needing assistance. and once you do get to the website their some step by step instructions that explain exactly what you need to do, how
8:31 am
how to send it in on time. for now reporting here in orlando, at pulse night club, gina, fox 13 news. also developing this morning a fire moved through islamic center of fort piers. this is mosque where at pulse night club shooter once attended. investigators say this was no accident. officials with st. lucie county sheriff's office say the fire started just after midnight. video collected from the center shows at person is walking up to at building. and moments later, a flash is >> that video is not expected to be released until this investigation is over. st. lucie county sheriff's office obvious case of an arson fact it a happened place of worship regardless of religion is concerning. this horrible tragedy they are going to relocate to another
8:32 am
fire out. elths unknown how many damage right now multiple agencies are investigating. you know what they say lightning never strikes the same place twice. false. >> i knew he would do that amalie arena we just know that's not true it strikes over and over and over again from now until june. if we are lucky. fox 13's kelly cowan live in amalie arena where they are prepping for the start of a new hockey season. we are stoked. good morning. how are you? >> hey, good morning how are you guys? we've got you suited up and i've become an official nonofficial member of ice team. we have ice team with us right now. one has been so kinded to stir the paint for us to demonstrate the paint that will be going down on the ice a little later on. they actually built up layers of ice, paint it and then put down more ice over top to seal it all in. they really do paint the ice with paint brushes out here. one thing that they don't end up
8:33 am
we can't tell you or show you because they are apparently top secret because start season which comes on october 13th when they take on red wings here. center line i can show you. this whole center line instead of get been painted on gets sealed into ice as well as the logo, the logo itself is one of those pained on items. they have giant stencil they will bringing out here. and putting down on the middle of the ice and then they will get out there, real artistically paint it down. what we're waiting on why this looks brown, because there's no ice just yet. the temperature is not low enough at this point to create ice. so you can see some of the moisture down here. i know you'll love this dave the weather man you are we still have wetness in floor is no the cold enough to turn that to ice just yet. we have to actually let it get to a 14 degrees. and i can tell you we've here for a couple of hours now. and the reason why i'm suited up like this because i was getting
8:34 am
thus the beautiful track suit i've given. i'm getting cue to twirl for you all. so you can see the outfit that i'm in this morning. over the dress, of course. because, why not. so keep me a little classy this morning. that was fancy. >> the you go did with your mic. i can be fancy sometimes. but look. yeah. you like that? you like that? i'll do it one more time for you. uh-huh. whoa. i know. i know. if they are not going to give me wireless i got to improvise, right. we're getting ready for the start of training camp. rookie wills report to thp ice on thursday. sop it will be already by then. but they are expecting to be complete by end of today. kanye west is coming to amalie arena tomorrow night. they will actually just cover over the ice. they will secret ice under floor kanye takes the stage. of course the rookies hit the ice on thursday. well, send back to you guys.
8:35 am
band steve b will be there on saturday. sure. you have no idea who that is, do you? >> should i? bye. bye. done with her. i'm just kidding. thanks so much, we appreciate that. 8:35. 79 degrees is the current temperature outside. did i just show my age, russell? did i just do that? yeah. >> i don't know, either. you don't know who stevie b is okay. 80 degrees in st. petersburg. 79 well stevie is watching i know who you are. 78 in frostproof. 78 in the sebring area. you know, you're looking a forecast for today. and look at the rain chances. the rain chances going back up again. 50 percent for today. 60 percent for tomorrow. maybe even closer to 70 percent in a few spots. and to be completely honest with you over the next 7 days going to be lot different than it was last week. because we're going to have a
8:36 am
late july pattern versus what we've been dealing with. last week it was dry. we're not going to make it to mid 90s. so that's good. high temperatures will scale back to the upper 80s. and lows in the mid 70s. time to give away another good day mug. and i just love this picture this morning. we want to give this mug to barry white. barry white his pup a beautiful sunrise overland o'lakes. very fantastic shot of sun coming up and pup watching we appreciate it fox 13 good day mug for you. courtney. dave. >> all right. we are pretty slow this morning along 275. usually delays through area down beers down to i-4 we did is v. a disabled vehicle that was in right center lane. looks like authority cleared it road ranger remaining off to right should they are. good news there it does looks like lanes are finally able to
8:37 am
bearss down to i-4. watch out for this accident along gunn highway near case road traffic backed up in southeast direction of gunn highway. at casey road. tow truck is since left the scene. clearing up just a bit. we're still seeing back up along gunn highway. fury f. you're heading out selman expressway. very slow ride reported from 78th street into downtown clocking in about 13 miles per hour. all right courtney, thank you. 8:37 now. donald trump announce ad big push to reform public education. he had suggested getting rid of department of education altogether. last week trump said he intends to use public funds to help children attend private schools. and to promote the growth charter schools. but where that money would come from no one knows. critics say so-called school choice would take away from improving public schools. in the end, would put an end to public schools. which seems to be his hope. >> meanwhile donald trump is
8:38 am
newly released poll shows hillary clinton leading trump 44 to 42 percent in sunshine state holding strong in ohio with 46 percent of the voters on her side compared to his 39 percent. right now people are say it's still too early to make decision on who they believe will be best leader for the country. and you know this, hillary clinton is making headlines for her health. she left a 9/11 memorial service yesterday after becoming ill. and her doctors have diagnosed her with pneu and we're going bring in dr. joette giovinco . dr. jo to tell us to about this sx( how much it will slow her down in coming days. we had a reporter. we had a report earlier that pneumonia in older americans can a very serious condition. >> it t. can. good morning, russell. yes. it can be. in fact we don't know what kind of pneumonia that she has. there is a shot, this as vaccine
8:39 am
to help prevent that more serious type of pneumonia we know about. there is something called walk mu known ya. it is caused by a bacteria. it's really kind of upsurges around late august or early fall. so it's very plausible that she may have that type of pneumonia. when pneumonia hits you it can caused by several different things virus, bacteria. it could fungi you swallowed wrong way and went down into your lung. but when pneumonia it really usually affects a portion of the lung, it's usually not was we say consolidated where it's really just you look at the lung and it looks like just white. because it's so, combined of inflamed within that particular area. so if she has walking pneumonia really something treatable with antibiotics. it's about the time of year that you would see it. that might be my guess. because here she was, she was at the 9/11 ceremony. if she had other type of
8:40 am
goodness, russell i don't think she would have made it to that. >> so, we understand. we saw her, i mean we saw that, that frightening video of her collapsing she was getting in the vehicle. we saw her later on in day coming out chelsea's apartment. and you know, she was, being acting fine. acting like everything was okay. she's cancelled some public appearances for the next few days. whap does she need to do? how long does something like this take? >> yeah. making big assumptions we are. but if is walking pneumonia the cough is really, really incessant. people break ribs because they cough so much. >> so that is one of the part of the problem. takes while for that antibiotic to kick in and inflammation to go down. rest is really, really critical you've got to let your body and your own immune system antibiotics only do so much. you've got oh rest and take care of yourself certainly i'm hoping
8:41 am
type of knew 23450u money ya a little bit more serious unless they caught it fairly early. but if she got even worse than that would potentially mean iv antibiotics, a different kind of antibiotics. it's so hard, russell i was think about this all weekend trying to figure out what she might have trying to put puzzle together. the pieces together. >> right. so again, hopefully she going to be better. it takes about ten days i would say to get over the other type of pneumonia. and may still have that residual i you know, she's in very unenviable position right now. she's running for president. she needs to be out on the campaign trail. and now she's be diagnosed with some kind of pneumonia. and i'm sure this is not a woman who is accustomed to being told you need to stay home and rest you know what i'm saying? you can tell she's got that personality she goes ahead and drives ahead. it's going to be hard for her to rest right now. don't you think? i agree. and the fact that i know she was
8:42 am
many americans probably were. i and so she, she really wanted to go to that. i just in my head trying to figure out god what was that conversation with her doctor. you know, he's probably telling her you need to rest. because then yeah you're standing you're out in the heat, she may have a fever. we don't know. but certainly, you're ability to get dehi drad dratd is much higher a higher level when you have something like that on board. so you know, i don't know. my hat's almost off to her she's 68 years old pushi t campaign and now, you know she's made a public appearance with mu known ya. you're right. you're right. i think you're absolutely right. all right. hey. weaver got to run. good to see you. thanks thanks for coming in darpgz of our cars are we're not talking about driving. our doc on call is go going to talk about why more important
8:43 am
- marco. - polo. - marco. - polo. marco. marco? marco? but it's not a game when our senator doesn't show up. i'm patrick murphy. solving problems means showing up. showing independence. and working together. it's why i worked to protect women's health care and worked with both parties to stop cuts to medicare. because florida needs a full-time senator. marco? marco? coming up on "look! famous people!" we catch flo, the progressive girl, at the supermarket buying cheese. scandal alert! flo likes dairy?! woman: busted! [ laughter ] right afterwards we caught her riding shotgun with a mystery man. oh, yeah! [ indistinct shouting ] is this your chauffeur? what?! no, i was just showing him how easy it is to save with snapshot from progressive. you just plug it in
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being boring? [ light laughter ] laugh bigger. [ laughter ] i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way.
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nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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children can overheat four it is sad fact, children can overheat four times faster than adults. their lilley bodies cannot handle it if we leave them in hot car alone even for a minute, at that minute too long. earlier we told you about this father firefighter that left his child in hot car for eight hours. news broke on friday. we should all know better. we know that. we're all human. and we can all make mistakes. some and heart breaking. we have or doc on call to talk about dangers of this. i know something that you're really passionate about. just a little bit about what happens physically, physiologically to the child >> so as we know car get hot they get hoss very fast deadly temperatures within 10 to 15 minutes. and we're talking temperatures of 170 degrees internally.
8:47 am
heat, windows are up. their lilley bodies become overwhelmed with that external heat. we've talked about fever and how that doesn't hurt you. totally different mechanism. we're talking about an external temperatures raising there body. and their body can't combat their internal heat because of their body surface area their size of body to what is exposed. there a body temperature can rise quickly it doesn't take very long. >> right. that's what i was justing going to ask you. eight hours we wonder how long into it >> probably a lot my guess. it doesn't take long for them to become overwhelmed bye-bye that external temperature. it so hot, and their bodies can't compensate. we were just talking about, executive producer laura cross and with russell i'd like to think that they pass out before they feel pain >> and that would be my guess also is that most likely that they lose sensation, lose consciousness before they are really suffering we like to believe that. we just don't know obviously. i'm sure it was uncomfortable.
8:48 am
consciousness before any significant pain. >> we talked about some ways to try and prevent it. we talked to this was a 23-month-old. you know, you wonder if you can teach them how to get out of their car seat. you which want to teach them. what can you do? i think it's on us. it's on us as parents more than 50 percent of car are accident u people didn't mean to do this. we need to set reminder leave your purse, cell phone with the back with child. ys it's a sad statement. bury going to notice that you're missing your cell phone at some point during day leaving a remind they are if child has any longing leaving theirs in front seat. if they have diaper bag or backpack something that will visually cue you to remember your child there is. and then if is regular stop, have day care call. make sure if a child doesn't show up on any particular day. day care mr. l. place a call to you a little reminder especially important when you're doing something out of your routine if
8:49 am
i don't remember how i got here. we get into such routine. you can see how people forgot. not a malicious act. we need to work harder to protect our little ones here. this was a firefighter. so you don't know what kind of shifts, maybe 48 on 24 on. just kind in a haze. but like you said i know in the emergency room, johns hopkins all children's you see it all the time >> we do. and unfortunately, in these scenarios by time they get to us very little we can do to resuscitate a view seen cases, yeah all about matter of how long they've been exposed to the heat. and you know the fist signs are going to be weakness and fatigue. and obviously dehydration. if we get them in that stage more of a heat exhaustion or aerlt heat stroke they can resuscitated and rapid cooling measures and given fluids a heat stroke progresses to more significant events then harder to to turn return the child. we were saying what lifetime of just private anguish for this
8:50 am
gives >> we don't want any parent to have to go through this. we're here. we talked about this before. but i thought it was pretty timely. anything we could to save a child. remind parents to come up with a way not to forgot their children. dr. per no, thank you. always good to see you. all right. we get over to jen epstein. she what she's up to now. helmet on. oh, yes. >> trouble. >> i like it. you know it's trouble. very flashing. you know, laura. this students here tampa bay technical high school send about a full smes were classroom. before they get out here and actually, well, you know me i just excel in everything i do. we're speeding things up a little bit. i'm going to try my hand at this whole welding thing. see if i could get a job after school year's over. we're at technical high school in tampa. more on this whole welding experience coming up after the
8:51 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the
8:52 am
what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
8:53 am
welcome back. we're hanking out with students a tampa bay technical high school where it's more bat clags room and the books and studying that get hands on experience. we are live here at the welding studio. hanging out with gabriel this morning. thanks for being here this morning gabriel you're senior at the high school. you're welding expert. i guess you can say, yeah. >> so, you're getting readied to
8:54 am
what are u your plans a guy from pipe fitter explained and what they do they work in big industry as hospitals, airports. okay. big things they do like whole set up. so you go to school. and you, and you work. kind of like this. but in real world saturday and sunday i believe you go in classroom and teach you how to use a machine to weld around. monday through friday you go out there and get paid for what you do. i actually get paid for what i do i learn at the same time. i start off apprentice and get, you know, you gop that's how you get it. how cool is it that a school like that. a lot of high school kids are in classroom setting but they don't get this experience that you have. >> yes, ma'am. you've had some pretty cool that things you've done, cool projects. we will talk about that in a second. first of all, i'm going to try, right? i'm going try my hand at welling. yeah. you can tell. first tell me what i need to know before we start. before you need to know first thing you need to know how your
8:55 am
mig. called mig. this gas helps the flow of the air, more of a more you see right there. >> okay. >> that's a bunch which holes. that's call what happens when you didn't weld without gas. you with gas you get smaller art you go through, you can see how everything, flood high covers it. and other thing you want to know your voltage and wire speed how fast the wire comes out of this. and your going to be hotter, hotter it is, the thicker the metal should be. your voltage is down. thinner piece. this is yeah, this is an i guess like a decent thickness. so you'll get me set up. i already set it up for you. that should decent enough. it's happening. i got this on lean in a little bit. it doesn't spark.
8:56 am
one. >> all right. shall i put this down? >> are you as scared as i am? no. when you put it down you can still put it down. put it down. you can still see. once this sparks everything will go black all you will see what is you're welding. should i just do a line? yeah, just hold it. hold it at like, you know, speed, where you can see it. ly ashow you. what you you put it down oh wow. you can see how. that's really pretty. you can see how, yeah. you. okay i'm going to try. okay so you're going to do is
8:57 am
metal, you're going to hold that down and once it touches the metal? yes you will push it down. oh, i think i broke it. no, keep going. i broke. it more good day tampa bay co
8:58 am
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"hillary fainting at an event. what does the diagnosis mean for the race to the white house? hillary clinton almost feigned while during a 9/11 event. what does this mean for at race to white house if anything. hotel taking a page from airlines. now it looks like if you want anything extra it will cost you. sorboni banerjee takes a look at the dreaded hotel fees a la carte. so it would seem. good morning and welcome to this


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